Fundamentals of Testing with TestRail (A01)
Fundamentals of Testing with TestRail (A01)
Learn the fundamentals of testing with TestRail. This course is intended for new TestRail users and covers the basics of using TestRail to build and optimize your testing processes—from test design to test planning and execution.
Administration & Customization (A02)
Administration & Customization (A02)
Customize TestRail to fit your workflow (not the other way around). This course is intended for administrators and covers best practices in user management, customizations, and integrations with issue trackers, test automation, and CI/CD tools.
Reports & Analytics (A03)
Reports & Analytics (A03)
Reporting is as important as running tests. In this course, you will learn how TestRail can help you in visualizing test data in real-time and how to use report templates to check test coverage and traceability.
Test Automation & TestRail (B01)
Test Automation & TestRail (B01)
Learn how you can integrate your automation framework with TestRail. Live within one tool to assess the progress and quality of testing, no matter your tech stack.
Agile testing with TestRail (B02)
Agile testing with TestRail (B02)
Agile software development is a challenge for testers, but if you understand the principles and plan properly, it may be the solution. This short course is an introduction and a guide to help you streamline your Agile testing adoption.
TestRail & Jira (B03)
TestRail & Jira (B03)
This course shows how you can build an efficient testing process, track coverage, and build comprehensive traceability between development and QA using Jira and TestRail.
Customer Portal
Customer Portal
The TestRail Customer Portal is the customer interface used to manage your TestRail purchasing details, such as your license key, viewing your monthly fees, invoices, as well as contact details.

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